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This is the personal website of Jerrold Foutz.
It will eventually be a family history and autobiography.
In the meantime it will be a collections of snippets that will be woven together later.

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Gunfight - New Mexico, 1886

"One other shot hit me in the groin... The four outlaws that were left, each took a Winchester and stood behind the wagon and emptied the magazines of their rifles at me. Bullets pierced my overcoat instead of my body; there were 29 bullet holes in my overcoat and one bullet cut a swath through my whiskers just under my chin." A snippet from family history. [Updated 1/4/2010]

Full Honors at Arlington National Cemetary

"At graduation, he was both the youngest non-commissioned officer and youngest pilot in the Army Air Force." The burial of my brother. Now I am the last.

Grand Prix Fire

"The combined Southern California fires, including the San Diego and Simi fires, is the most costly natural disaster in California history." -- at the time. It came too close for comfort, a personal experience.

USA Today Video

I was interviewed for an article on 'Gray Googlers' strike gold by Jefferson Graham who also shot a video interview in my home. My few minutes of fame. The article was in USA Today Money Section on Fri/Sat/Sun, October 26-28, 2007. The link to the video has expired and been removed.

CBS2/KCAL9 News Video

Cater Lee followed up with an video interview for CBS2/KCAL9. This time at the Rancho Cucamonga Senior Center at my suggestion. The link to the video has expired and been removed.


My various cameras and photographs taken and now being scanned.

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Original: November 1, 2003, revised April 2, 2011